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A 180 pound man riding a 20 pound bicycle down a five degree slope squeezed his brakes so hard that he went over his handlebars Answer

A 180 pound man riding a 20 pound bicycle down a five degree slope squeezed his brakes so hard that he went over his handlebars Answer


A 180 pound man riding a 20 pound bicycle down a five degree slope squeezed his brakes so hard that he went over his handlebars Answer


A 180 pound man riding a 20 pound bicycle down a five degree slope squeezed his brakes so hard that he went over his handlebars, and planted his face into the pavement. Could his body continue to tumble downslope? How far?

If his legs tangled with his bicycle when he went over his handlebars, could his body and his bicycle continue to tumble downslope after his face made contact with the pavement? How far?

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Premium 7 N Numeric Domain is live on Flippa

Premium 7 N Numeric Domain is live on Flippa

Please click on the below link to access the auction on Flippa

Domain Name –

Repetitive 8’s and easy to remember as there is 80… 81 sequence.


1. The Number 0 (零 or 檸, Pinyin:líng or níng) is a whole number and it is also an even number for the money ends with 0.

3. The number 3 (三, Pinyin: sān) sounds similar to the character for “birth” (生, Pinyin: shēng), and is considered a lucky number.

8. The word for “eight” (八 Pinyin: bā) sounds similar to the word which means “prosper” or “wealth” (發 – short for “發財”, Pinyin: fā). There is also a visual resemblance between two digits, “88”, and 囍, the “shuāng xĭ” (“double joy”), a popular decorative design composed of two stylized characters 喜 (“xĭ” meaning “joy” or “happiness”). The number 8 is viewed as such an auspicious number that even being assigned a number with several eights is considered very lucky. To give you an idea about the obsession that Chinese have with the number 8, here are a few interesting facts:
•Most airlines, including United Airlines, KLM, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific and Singapore airlines reserve their flight numbers starting with 8 for flights to Asian destinations, especially China and Korea.
•A telephone number with all digits being eights was sold for USD $270,723 in Chengdu, China.
•The opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Beijing began on 8/8/08 at 8 seconds and 8 minutes past 8 pm local time (UTC+08).
•The Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia each have 88 Floors.
RECENT 7N SALES = $1,331 GoDaddy on November 2015 = $1,325 GoDaddy on November 2015 = $1,205 GoDaddy on November 2015 = $1,050 GoDaddy on October 2015 = $866 DropCatch on 2015-11-29 = $820 Namejet on 2015-12-09 202 USD 2016-02-10 DropCatch 246 USD 2016-02-09 GoDaddy 133 USD 2016-02-09 GoDaddy 382 USD 2016-02-07 Pheenix 224 USD 2016-02-07 DropCatch 159 USD 2016-02-07 Flippa 155 USD 2016-02-06 GoDaddy 149 USD 2016-02-06 NameJet 393 USD 2016-02-05 GoDaddy 304 USD 2016-02-05 DropCatch


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8608883.COM Numeric Domain for sale on Flippa

8608883.COM Numeric Domain for sale on Flippa


This is a very good Seven Number (7N) .com Domain Name that contains the Luckiest Chinese Number Combinations
•It contains the Lucky Chinese Numbers and Combinations 888, 3, 6 and 86
•It contains three Repeating and Continuous Number 8s (Luckiest Chinese Number Combination, 888 = “Triple Prosperity”)
•The number 3 (三, Pinyin: sān) sounds similar to the character for “birth” (生, Pinyin: shēng), and is considered a lucky number.
•The number 6 represents wealth in Cantonese, this number is a homophone for (祿 Lok). 6 (六, Pinyin: liù) in Mandarin is pronounced the same as “liu” (溜, Pinyin: liù) and similar to “flow” (流, Pinyin: liú) and is therefore considered good for business.
•Numeric Domain Names have Multi-Lingual recognition and use
•.com is the world’s most popular TLD Extension.
•Numeric Domains can be used as Brand-able International Digital Properties.

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HAJ.IO Domain Name for Sale on Flippa Domain Name for sale on Flippa

Short and Catchy Domain – Tech Ready! Easy To Remember

HAJ.IO Domain Name for Sale on Flippa

  • Awesome 3 Letter Domain Name that can be used for any niche.
  • Could be used as an abbreviation for many companies.
  • Most Searched Keyword and Good Keyword For SEO/SEM.

The .io suffix has had great traction within the startup community and is also the ccTLD (country code top level domain) and the internet country code for British Indian Ocean Territory.

The Benefits of Using a .IO:

  1. It’s a unique extension compared to generic TLDs, which can help a startup stand out from a marketing perspective.
  2. It’s shorter than three-letter gTLDs, while being different, which makes it easy to remember.
  3. In the tech and software development world, I/O means input/output, so .IO is particularly relevant to that audience.



Ad Competition: high
Data Age: Recent
EstiBot Value:  $ 2,800 USD
Google Adwords Avg. monthly searches: 5400
Likely Suggested Bid/Cost per Click: $0.90 USD

RECENT COMPAREABLE SALES – 24,600 USD – 11,000 USD – 7,500 USD – 6,750 USD – 6,150 USD – 6,050 USD – 6,000 USD – 3,500 USD – 3,100 USD is a great brand for all kind of tech businesses. It’s is a handsome catchy name, easily pronounceable and easily passes the radio test and billboard test.

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Excellent investment: Premium Domain For Sale –

Click to Participate in the Bid –

Estibot Domain Appraisal –

Average Monthly Search Stats – Broad Match – word processor
Monthly Searches:  370,230
Cost Per Click:  $1.14 USD
Ad Competition:  low
Data Age:  Recent
Average Monthly Search Stats – Exact Match – [word processor]
Monthly Searches:  27,306
Cost Per Click:  $1.00 USD
Ad Competition:  high
Data Age:  Recent

.IO DOMAINS are short and perform well in Google’s search results. The reason for this is because they’ve been added to the geotargetable domains list.

Elasticsearch bought for $30,000, and,,, and recently sold for $10k+.

A lot of the tech startups that use .io domains are now very successful businesses. It’s not only startups that use .io domains. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are also buying .io domains. Microsoft acquired for $24,600. Google owns, Yahoo owns, and Disney owns,  amongst others. .io domains have been popular in the technology space for quite some time due to their association with I/O (input / output), a common computing term.

Popular .io services

“.io” is quickly ascending to be one of the most popular TLDs. There are a number of large companies who have launched products with the TLD domain:

– GitHub’s ($2B+ valuation) new hackable code editor
– Adobe’s ($40B public company) new open source code editor
– raised $35 million this year
– raised $35 million this year

The biggest names in tech have also purchased “.io” domains in the past couple years:

– Google acquired last year
– Google owns
–  Yahoo owns
– Microsoft purchased in 2010 for $24,600(

# Other .io sales:

There have been a number of large sales for dictionary words in the “.io” TLD, including some of these recent sales:

– SOLD $45,000
– SOLD $11,000
– SOLD $6,000
– SOLD $6,000
– SOLD $5,550

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How To Lose Weight With Natural Diet Pills And Weight Loss Supplements

How To Lose Weight With Natural Diet Pills And Weight Loss Supplements

There are more weight loss pills on the market today than you can possibly imagine. This is actually a good thing. Over time, as medical technology advances, scientists continue to make breakthroughs in their medical research. As a result, it becomes easier to produce all natural diet pills that work with your body s digestive system in order to help you lose weight quickly and safely. A prime example of such a product is Proactol. Proactol is an all natural weight loss supplement that is produced only by experienced medical professionals, and clinically tested to be safe and effective.

Natural weight loss supplements are all similar in how they work. They operate by suppressing your appetite and making you feel full, preventing you from overeating. Other natural diet pills work by making fat molecules indigestible. This causes your body to discard most of the fat you ingest. The problem with this method is that valuable vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are lost in the digestive process. What sets Proactol apart from other weight loss supplements is its natural ingredients and special fat binding molecules.

The active ingredients in Proactol are 100% organic and 100% natural so it works easily with your body’s digestive system. There are two types of molecules used in Proactol to help you lose weight. The first is a non-soluble or molecule. This molecule seeks out harmful fat molecules and attaches to them. When the non-soluble molecules and harmful fat molecules combined they form a compound too large for your stomach to digest. In case you have just about any inquiries about in which as well as tips on how to utilize forskolin bodybuilding;,, you possibly can contact us with our own webpage. While vitamins, minerals, and nutrients remain untouched, the harmful fat molecules pass through the small and large intestines where it exits out of the body.

Another active ingredient in Proactol is a soluble molecule. Unlike the first ingredient, this molecule is digestible. The digestible molecules form an extremely thick solution when mixing with the digestive juices in the stomach. This solution helps slow down the digestion process, helping you to feel full. By slowing down digestion the body slows digestion of harmful fat molecules which causes unwanted weight gain. As food passes into the small intestines Proactol’s soluble molecules seek out and neutralize bile. Bile is a chemical produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. Once secreted into the small intestines bile helps to break down fat molecules and prepares them to be digested into the body. When bile is neutralized harmful fat molecules are too large to be digested. They are then safely passed out of the body.

Weight loss is not an easy thing to accomplish. The answer is not to skip meals or completely cut out one type of food from your diet. The problem with this method is that your body will be depleted of essential nutrients. This is an unhealthy way to lose weight. Natural weight loss supplements like Proactol are designed to help you lose weight while being gentle on your digestive system. Along with a healthy diet and exercise program chosen by you and your doctor, natural weight loss supplements are a healthy way to lose weight.

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Coinbase Integrates With Vogogo, Expands Bitcoin Alternate Into Canada

TeraExchange recently launched the primary and solely U.S. regulated buying and selling platform for bitcoin swap contracts. Loads of expertise in Android growth, and lots of expertise building API clients. Nancy the Notary Notary Public serving the greater Los Angeles space and Orange County. BTC4C aggregates charities that instantly accept bitcoin exchange reviews (Going to donations on their own behalf; there is not any middle man. Douglas County Dental Clinic , Nonprofit community dental clinic in Kansas that accepts Bitcoin donations. Takes bitcoin, and steadily discusses bitcoin and different crypto-privacy points. Flattr Bitcoin micropayments on many on-line sites including YouTube, flickr, vimeo, Instagram, github, soundcloud, and so forth.

bitcoin pound exchange rate graphJust recently, I used to be pleasantly stunned when buddies over at BitSpark (a multi-forex exchange in Hong Kong) told me about Peatio, an open-supply crypto-currency change that was free for anyone to obtain and run. It boasts a number of enterprise trade options, together with a high-efficiency matching engine, scalable distributed worker threads, and SMS 2-issue authentication out of the field. I needed to do this as a problem to see how tough it was to get enterprise-grade safety on open-source trade software. I needed to create a new customer account on the exchange to generate a new address.

We are excited to deliver Asia’s 1st Public Bitcoin Merchandising Machine to Singapore – the fastest, most secure and easiest solution to get bitcoins. In the event you surprise what Bitcoin is, there is a wonderful information on There it’s also possible to read the Bitcoin white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to function with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the community. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, no person owns or controls Bitcoin and everybody can participate. At the time of this report, Bitstamp buying and selling quantity is more than double that of Bitfinex.

The alternate – which as soon as boasted of dealing with around 80 % of world Bitcoin transactions – filed for chapter protection soon after the cyber-money went lacking, admitting it had lost 850,000 coins worth forty eight billion yen ($387 million). A cloud has been hanging over the Tokyo-based alternate and Karpeles as investors demanded solutions, and known as on the firm to publicise its data in order that hackers around the world may also help analyse what happened at MtGox. An atomic cross-chain alternate is a possible answer It presently lacks decentralized implementation, nevertheless.

The exchange provides the next degree of customer service than most, too, with 24/7 help by way of phone or chat – slightly than the standard method of e mail or contact kind, which can or may not be answered in a helpful timeframe. There’s a function to create a fee button, rapidly and simply, to allow stores to just accept bitcoin on their web sites. Is a relatively small trade that started out as a group for gathering and exchanging memorabilia resembling stamps, coins – even basic automobiles. Is in any other case a simple set-up but has one or two points of curiosity that differentiate it from mainstream exchanges. Bitcoin unique mp3/ogg/flac tracks obtainable for purchase and instantaneous download.

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Bdsm 101 – How To Choose The Ideal Feminine Dominant

A darkish room. Crimson candles are the only lights and their dark glow illuminates the bed room with a dangerous scent and unpredictable air. On the mattress is a guy with a blindfold on.hey, it’s your guy! He’s breathing difficult and his arms are tense, simply because they’re certain to the bedposts with supple silk scarves. The door opens and you walk in with a masquerade mask on your self.

Once you are carried out with searching at these aspects, you should then appear out for the solutions offered at the St Augustine Florida domme. When you are prepared to pay for such an exclusive place you require to look out for the other solutions that are offered more than there. There are numerous companies of St Augustine Florida domme who offer you extra services like a spa, fitness center, a pool, and other this kind of things.

Las Vegas ranks as the United States metropolis with the most motel rooms; Orlando, Florida comes in 2nd. However, if you are searching for really cheap vacation rentals in Orlando, Florida you might feel a small lost whilst searching via motel locations and rates. This is because the inexpensive vacation rentals in Orlando, Florida are not found in motels.

In Aug. 2009, the band signed with Rise Records. The subsequent year they released Heat fetish. Bassist Brad Murray, who experienced replaced Simoes, still left the band soon after, becoming changed by Shane Sheffer, and later by Mike Patton (not to be confused with the vocalist of Faith No Much more).

Finding your local scene can be hard, particularly if you haven’t had to look for one prior to. The first step is to know what you are searching for. Do you seek a munch, where individuals simply collect in informal dress at a nearby eatery to talk and hang out? Do you seek a play party, where people can engage in bdsm perform with 1 another in a private location? Are you searching for some thing in in between, perhaps gatherings at local golf equipment? Are you looking for companions for private play, or swinging? Or, are you interested in the on-line elements of the scene? There are many avenues for exploration.

Melissa is one of the latest Housewives and Tre’s sister in law, who in Tre’s own phrases, aren’t the very best of buddies. I’m going with pure hatred on both sides but hey, that’s just my viewpoint. Melissa is married to Joe Gorga, who it seems may have a foot fetish, and who it also seems hates Joe Guidice. Melissa and Joe have 3 small kids and 1 big azzed house that was a Christmas present to Melissa from Joe. Melissa tells us that she’s spoiled but that her husband expects a home cooked food on the table each evening and for her to tear it up in the bedroom. Hey, you do what you gotta do woman, from the looks of the home, it’s operating. But make sure you, no more foot licking, it makes me feel dirty.

The band’s issues started after touring in assistance of Silent Treatment. The members had been in debt, and in purchase to spend this off, they experienced to consider normal work or play in other bands. Drummer Mike Pedicone, guitarist Ross Ott and bassist Darren Simoes all still left the band.

Oil based blocks: Being oil primarily based is perfect, but being in strong type is simply because they add a hardener and will somewhat alter the temperature of your candle depending on quantity of color utilized, the darker/deeper the color the much more it is altered.

A must to visit is Anna Ruby Falls which marks the place where the Curtis and York Creeks type two incredible waterfalls and be a part of with each other to type the Chattahoochee river. To attain the falls, you get to stroll up a path into the coronary heart of the Chattahoochee National Forest, surrounded by nature and the audio of dashing drinking water with the river at your feet.

This can appear to be a bit contradicting in phrases of what I wrote above. Some of them may be a bit fanatical about their passions, but all in all, they are still women. Now, I live femdom cam could envision that you’ll discover a couple of unusual women who can’t speak about anything else, but they are rather uncommon.

Secretroom has been internet hosting parties at Dragon*Con for as long as I can remember. In many years past, their party had a pirate theme. This yr however, in honor of all of the Star Wars and Star Trek celeb guests that will be in attendance, the concept for the celebration is Sci-fi Area Dance Celebration or “Wars vs. Trek”. Attendees are inspired to put on Star Wars, Star Trek, and other sci-fi inspired costumes.

Renting domme cuts back on the usual hassle that can occasionally come along with looking for appropriate resorts. This is especially accurate throughout certain times of the year when resorts are extremely active. For example, in locations that have a large amount of beaches, the summer time time is generally their most well-liked time. So, it’s not usually the simplest job to discover available space. If a team of individuals already had their own area rented out, on the other hand, they wouldn’t have to worry about attempting to beat the crowds of people looking for a short-term location to remain.

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Bdsm – My Initial Perform Party

What is a poor girl to do when she needs a good spanking? Or where in the globe can you discover someone to give a spanking to? The globe is a big place, but when you are interested in the kinkier side of issues it appears quite hard to discover other individuals who are into the exact same issues you are into. Fetish courting is not simple, but with these tips you might be surprised with your results.

bbw mistressLas Vegas ranks as the United States city with the most motel rooms; Orlando, Florida comes in 2nd. Nevertheless, if you are searching for really inexpensive holiday rentals in Orlando, Florida you might really feel a little misplaced while looking through motel places and rates. This is simply because the inexpensive vacation rentals in Orlando, Florida are not discovered in motels.

Originally known as The Radiation Defiance Theory, The Bled formed in 2001 and has because launched 4 albums, Move the Flask (2003), Found in the Flood (2005), Silent Treatment (2007) and Heat fetish (2010).

Once you have brief outlined a number of final moment domme, you can choose best options and contact every one of them individually. If you have any personal queries regarding these rentals, you could just feel totally free to inquire them. Query like rental cost and facilities accessible ought to be cleared by you in progress so that you do not face problem following moving there.

Hubby pours me another glass of wine. I’m calmer now. There had been some hilarious moments viewing the men all talking smack about each other on camera. Some highlights had been when Ed called Wes (not to his face of course) “a country singing turd”. And it was funny to view Robbie drinking pictures every opportunity he got. Didn’t precisely like listening to about all the smells and poor habits the guys experienced although. David and his incessant speaking about “man code” was annoying, wasn’t it? And Tanner P. and his foot fetish has usually been great for a couple of laughs. Seriously I just don’t get that. My toes are all pedicured and adorable and all, but I don’t anticipate hubby to have a burning want to place them in his mouth. I said all this out loud and hubby experienced mouse click the next web page great sense to not say a phrase. Intelligent guy.

OVERALL Cost: Even though you may think that a space for $89 sounds like a steal of a offer, keep in mind the space, the consuming out financial savings, the safety and the distinctive attributes when you determine: hotel room or holiday house rental. The choice is yours.

One doesn’t need to look any additional than Ocean City, Marlyand domme. This is a child-friendly city. There are numerous playgrounds. There are tot lots. There are kid-sized tennis courts. There are amusement parks. There are so many actions to keep the entire family members entertained.

If you get bored and want much more to check out! Within fifteen minutes you can be at Morgan’s cove or Buck’s Pocket or even Higher Falls! The entire region around Guntersville Condition Park is amazing and has numerous Things to do! There are Cabin domme and Chalets all about the lake and is a fantastic place to Remain year around!

Choosing the right seaside accommodation is very essential for your vacation. Get down the features of all the rentals you are searching at. Weigh your choices and evaluate their places. See which one is cheapest however closest to all your tourist locations. Capri Beachfront Holiday Rentals In San Diego are known fro their excellent services and employees. Excellent upkeep and housekeeping is what makes beachfront rentals some of the most sought after holiday houses. You can be at ease and allow the host d their occupation making you feel right at home. In order to book your holiday house you can contact or e-mail the details of your stay to them.

If you have read my Subjects, you have found that I have many more facets to me then those. I have been a Priestess for numerous years now and mentored many young individuals in discovering their personal personal path. I will not educate you your route that is for you to discover. I can and will however manual you gently in learning how to do it your self. Yes, I can read the Tarot, but I have discovered that much more frequently then not the playing cards are not required to arrive up with an answer. Most of the time it is right there and you just have to be willing to see it for your self. I am the 7th Generation with knowledge being handed from mom to daughter and from the universe helping me in helping you.

Anywho, Ashley tries to con Jacqueline into paying for an condominium in the city and when she won’t budge, she turns on the water functions and tells Jacqueline to leave. She then tries to persuade Chris who tells her that he’ll give her bus fare but hell to the no he’s not having to pay for an apartment in NYC.

Consider doing a checklist. A checklist in the fetish globe is a checklist of things you may or might not have interest in. You can discover a bunch of these by heading to Google and typing in bdsm checklist. Fill this out so that when you start talking to a perspective new friend you can share this with them. They can give you their checklist and in turn discover out much more about you at the same time.

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A Closer Appear At Bdsm Collars And What They Truly Mean Any Longer

It is the unfortunate reality that genuine estate and holiday rentals are rife with scams. That’s not to say there aren’t a lot of reputable listings out there, but when something seems too good to be accurate, it generally is. Other than keeping this maxim well in thoughts, there are some other issues you can do to shield your self. There are a great deal of advantages to utilizing this kind of a location for your holiday getaway. Much more spacious, less costly accommodations, and elevated privateness are just a couple of of the factors you might be considering of going that route. And as long as you put some safety suggestions in location, there’s no reason why you can’t have a fantastic journey.

free femdom camsIf you are slipping brief of time to transfer around and search for journey brokers, it is much better to go on-line. This is the quickest and easiest way through which you can plan your holidays. Just browse through Globe Wide Internet and you can discover several final minute rentals in entrance of you. You can also get complete details about the interiors and facilities of these locations as well as their prices. Not only the interiors but even the nearby exteriors are also proven online. By this, you can get complete overview of the entire location in detail.

Florida is 1 of the most popular vacationer locations. If you are heading to Florida for your summer time break, you can find houses, villas, studio models, and condos. Some domme are in gated communities for additional privateness and safety. Many places are on the seaside or inside strolling distance. All the large vacationer points of interest are close to numerous of the accessible areas. You will find one to four bedrooms and sufficient room for everybody on your journey.

I guess with tongue in cheek, when he married me I became “legally” his home. However, in actuality, I grew to become his property when he started viewing me as on object of value that was worth possessing. Moreover, I saw him as that one human becoming that I gave my-self to completely with out any reservations.

Over the past few months, I have given you all a style of the selection out there. I have shown you books from e-publishers. I will also be showing you publications from traditional paper publishers more than the subsequent couple of months. I have talked with authors (fantastic people who adore to write) and editors. I have carried out brief book critiques. I have actually study more than 100 publications because January one, 2009! And I am in the midst of edits and rewrites on no less than four publications of my personal. Only a complete Romance addict would do this just to display the globe how fantastic Romance is.

I grew up camping on the lake at Guntersville dominatrix cam and had the chance to watch the amazing sunsets! During the summers I invested numerous of times watching the deer and swimming! Throughout mid summer time it can get fairly busy around the region and the winters it is very peaceful and a great location to watch the deer and other wildlife!

You are intrigued in women needing spanking partners. It can be very frustrating when trying to discover ladies in your area who have this specific sexual proclivity. Fortunately, there is a instead easy method.

The initial statement may be meant to audio like an harmless child, but the fact that you talked about something infinitely dirty. She will stay away from you. Bathroom jokes are the last thing you should start and then inquiring if you could get even more personal with you.

Don’t be stunned or put-off at the point out of “fetish” – just allow the hidden kink arrive out of you and roar! Much more and much more people, partners and singles are venturing into a darker and perhaps harmful aspect of sexual expression. You might not be into this liberating and libertine globe or maybe you are just curious and want discover a new aspect to your and your companion’s sexuality in the security of your personal home. It doesn’t deter the fact that fetish put on is scorching! Fetish perform in the bedroom is maybe the ultimate degree of fantasy, because you are venturing in role reversal and energy exchange fantasies.

With Lelli Kelly boots, your shoe fetish can be easily satisfied, and your ft are bound to really feel pampered and pleased. So a lot so that your feet would maintain inquiring for much more of these shoes! The foam that is used in the boots is made of latex. This assists in maintaining your feet new and dry. The brand has acquired immensely in terms of popularity more than the past few many years because of to its incredible styles, and the way the footwear are made so that your feet feel happy all the time when you place on a pair of shoes. The boots from the brand are fairly decently priced, and you can effortlessly pay for a pair of them for your woman.

The best factor to do is to listen to his or her want checklist through out the year and t make a checklist of things they wanted or required. Make certain they don’t see this checklist. Conserve some cash each thirty day period if you know this gift will be costly or customized produced. Go via the forums on bdsm sites exactly where the creating of do-it-yourself toys are discussed and list those toys and instructions you really feel up to creating yourself. Make lists of what you might need and visit House Depot for your each require.