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Online Education A Better Option for Businesses Than In-House Executive MBA Programs

Many businesses related companies offer executive MBA programs for their senior executives through an affiliation with a traditional university. While these programs are aimed at those who do not wish to take a break from their careers and enroll full time, they are certainly not exclusive in their purpose. With the popularity of online MBA programs on the rise, it seems only a matter of time before E-MBA programs will see a decline in number.

The main advantage of an executive MBA program is that working adults can use prior business experience toward their degree. While online programs traditionally do not accept past experiences as credit toward completion, a few make exceptions. At one time, E-MBA programs were the only way working executives could obtain an MBA without full time enrollment. Online offerings have presented many more options for those in this particular situation over the last several years. While the end result of either choice will likely be a good education for the postgraduate student, online offerings are a better choice for businesses.

When businesses affiliate with a university in order to offer an E-MBA program, they are essentially guaranteeing themselves of executives with the exact same learning experiences, aside from chosen concentrations. Because businesses are better served by having a multitude of executives with independent experiences that can be brought to the table versus a collective conscience that details one institutions instruction methods, many companies are opting for allowing their employees to enroll in the online MBA program of their own choice.

The obvious immediate benefit is that businesses can utilize a variety of approaches when marketing, problem solving, or simply conducting company affairs. Since the different curriculum and instruction can vary widely between one online institution and the next, there is a better chance that interaction between executives will result in the best possible ideas, solutions and policies. Additionally, online MBA programs afford executives the ability to interact with other students who come from diverse backgrounds both socially and in the job market as well.

Executives must rely on their online counterparts for group projects instead of their co-workers, which is often the case in E-MBA programs. Having interactions with different students who hold differing experience levels and an unfamiliar point of view can provide enrichment and understanding that staying within a close knit group simply cannot. Businesses who value well rounded employees would do well to take note.







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5 Reasons Why Blogging is the New Internet Marketing Tool

Do you ever feel like you know just enough about Blogging to be dangerous? Let’s see if we can fill in some of the gaps with the latest info from Blogging experts.


Blogging is a concept that started in late 90s. It used to be a way to comment an existing webpage, an opportunity for visitors and readers to react or voice out one’s opinion on the said page. What started as a single-sentence commentary has evolved into pages of personal take on just about anything and everything under the sun. As it continues to move forward, online advertising has tapped into the blog’s potential. Here are 5 reasons why you should use blogging as an Internet marketing tool.


1.Blogging is simple. The simplest way to get your piece on the net is through blogging. No skills are necessary… an average adult can read and type, or at least click a mouse. It’s like having a virtual piece of paper and you just write your ideas, experiences, new products, and hope that the truth behind your articles comes out and entice your reader to also try your product. If you have a PC and an Internet connection (who doesn’t?) then you can blog and advertise.


2. Blogging is authentic. In this day and age where advertising saturate our lives, we question the credibility of promoters’ claims. However, in blogs, real people share their real-life experiences, unscathed by paid advertising. Reading blogs about first-hand product use is like talking to people about their first-hand experience. You definitely want to buy a tried and tested product.


3. Blogging is free. Because blogging is yet to be proven as a mainstream online advertising media, most sites see it as something to augment current marketing tools and thus offer it for free. Any opportunity for free webtime is definitely a bonus especially to businesses that are starting up. Needless to say, paid blog pages can generate more income for your seriously growing business.


4. Blogging builds credibility. As you get more and more into writing your experiences on a particular product or industry, your readers come to realize that they can depend on your posts for their own information needs. As such, you become an expert on it; as a consequence, more readers visit your site and more bloggers link to your blogs. As companies and professional organizations notice the growth of your readership base, they may soon get in touch with you for advertising on your blog page, or make you an affiliate, which pays for every referral generated from your blog site.


5. Blogging builds your market. Unless you are a Hollywood star, chances are, only your Mom reads your posts. Mom has a lot of friends, so she lets her friends know how interesting your blog site is. But you need not depend on Mom to increase your readership base. Look into the following ways to build your market through blogging:


Knowledge can give you a real advantage. To make sure you’re fully informed about Blogging, keep reading.


-By using your e-mail. Today, blogging is overcoming the e-mail’s popularity in quickly and effectively reaching and expanding a market. In this age of speed and quick access, logging in and downloading e-mail is simply taking longer than clicking into a blog site. Let them explore your site by using a short e-mail message as teaser to your blog site. If your e-mail is on an entirely different subject, use your e-mail signature to give a link to the site.


-By using subscription. An easy way to get your readers e-mail is to give them an opportunity to subscribe to your blogsite. Keep some exclusive information for your subscribers to entice readers to subscribe and give their e-mail address. Just be responsible in using their e-mail address, as the last thing you want is a comment on your blog that you are a spammer.


-By understanding your readers. Conduct a simple survey for your readers to understand their profile and advertising preferences. Ask consumers to give you feedback on a post, an ad link, or a trial that you shared. In this way, it is like interviewing your readers without the commitment and intrusion of a face-to-face interview.


-By joining a blog network –A network of blogs maybe a collection of blog sites that share the same industry, interest, readership base, payment mode, etc. Consumers find credibility and convenience in clicking one link to several real bloggers about a single subject. Clearly, more bloggers are better than one.


-By using RSS. RSS is the fastest growing technology on the Internet today. As such, having RSS feeds to your blog is definitely another means of generating awareness for your readership base. Having a variety of feeds can add interest to your blog site.


Give your business a boost by effectively using blogging as an Internet marketing tool.


When word gets around about your command of Blogging facts, others who need to know about Blogging will start to actively seek you out.



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Do You Really Need A Poor Credit Car Loan?

FES DebtZero is just a web-based debt speed system providing you with individualized way to individuals they have to accelerate the pay-off period of most their obligations and mortgage. Now could be a very good time to obtain a household, as well as the tax credit only makes it much more desirable and more easy. Nevertheless, also frequently I locate youthful, first-time homebuyers around Atlanta excitedly go into a house, with funding that was superior. But, a couple credit cards are brought by them car loan with bad credit calculator (visit the up coming internet page) along with them, with that burden, your house is really a point of pressure rather than a household that is a source of happiness. If you should be planning to acquire that house but merely cannot appear to off load that creditcard have a good, look that is hard at this possibility. Well, if income is set to hop in just a year, which house which you really would like is just out of array, then your tax-credit could make that happen for you now.

Exciting to acquire pre-competent before trying to find your dream house, to get a loan as soon as you locate a place you want in order to move forward swiftly. Property counselors can also be available to enable you to figure out so you do not find yourself damaging your score a lot more, what is inexpensive for your requirements. Despite the fact that a seller might not perform a creditcheck, he’ll still want evidence of your ability if he offers you a car to settle that loan.

Naturally I don’t understand should they got a great deal or possibly a poor option plus they frequently do not know either! Thus let us examine most of the aspects that produce up a vehicle shopperis monthly payment so sensible decisions can be made by you. Your monthly payment is actually a combination of the following: a pursuit transaction for your loan, a fraction of the actual loan (in case your loan is 48 months you spend 1/48 of the loan every month) along with some other costs or taxes you might have thrown in to the option.

You ca buy your survey from a central site by installing this kind conline/edcams/credit/ and giving it to: P., Annual Credit Service Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281. Once again, under the FCRA, the consumer reporting company and the info provider (that being the organization, company, or person who presents details about one to the buyer reporting company) possess the obligation to correct data inside your credit report that’s improper or unfinished.

Breaking News: Harvest Natural Methods up for sale no credit check loans in Close Join the HBJ Morning Call Publication View all newsletters Breaking Surface Send a friend this tale Sep 11, 2013, 4: 58pm CDT Hola. Judge online personal loans poor credit instant approval Rakoff experienced the argument. The following seven no creditcheck loans in atlanta ga decades will demonstrate whether or not they are right.Ultimately, only a close back below 0.8500 would provide basis for concern. It is a fact that is little known that there are around 2000 credit bureaus while in the United States.

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About wholesaler’s and manufacturer’s of bronze statues, bronze figurines, bronze sculptures

About wholesale export of brass and bronze made statues, sculptures, figures, decorative and handicrafts from India. Huge collection of indian and western handicrafts. figurines, western sculptures, religious statue, god statue like buddha, Ganesh, Laxmi etc, and home decorative items are in very cheap rate from indian manufacturers directly.

India is a place of different kinds of handicraft and handcrafted statues and sculptures from the ancient age. Centuries old temples and civilizations are founded in India with a unique sample of handicraft reflecting artistic beauty. Specially the temples in South India bears this great old history of Indian handicraft, as you can see different types of hand curving statues and sculptures in the wall of these temples. All these old temples especially in chennai, kerala, hariyana attracts the people through the beauty of statues and figures made on the wall. For example dancing lady which is normally known as “Nartaki”, “Nataraj”,”Laxmi”,”Ganesh or ganesha”,”Shiva and parbati”, Shri Krishna and Radha Ji”, “Goutam Buddha” are as religious god statues. Different animal figures are also made, like running horse, lion, tiger etc. The centuries old temples and other historic items prove the capacity of the artisans about making statues and sculptures for home decoration and expressing the social life story of that time. In the old ages the King’s made those temples and different handicraft in their kingdom. They inspire the artists to make such stone curving items on the body of temple. They mainly make the statues based on the holy story from Hindu community. A great example is Nataraj. Nataraj is a style of God Shiva. Shiva as destructor as well as creator of the civilization. We inspired from this old culture to make the statues and sculptures as home decoration items. We also just follow the styles of those kings life style. They make statues for home and garden decor; even on those days the people make decoration on the wall of there home. Mainly stone is used on that time to make home, temple everything. So what they do is, they make different statue, sculpture of different god and goddess of Hindu religion on the wall by curving the stone. So we also make this handcrafted statues and sculptures in brass, bronze and stone. Actually “Art” refers to a huge range of human activity. It is a way or medium to express the emotion, nature and lifestyle. We can say that art exist from the first day of human civilization starts. The concept of home decoration through statue and sculptures is also a long days story. We can see the samples of different hand crafted statues, wall decoration in centuries old civilization like Nalanda, Mahenzodaro and Harappa. On that time people use the stonewall of their home and temples to make different decorative statues. The use of Brass and bronze is also a long history. The historians find a lot useful story and proof from this wall decoration. This artistic works is also represents the culture of those peoples. So, finally what we can say that, the history of handicraft in India is very long. Even one greater sample of

handicraft is Taj mahal itself. Today it is considered as the best wonders all over the world. So we can easily say that Indian handicraft has a long golden story from the centuries.


We, Dhiman Chatterjee and Co. is an India (State: West Bengal) based handicraft wholesale export unit. We are engaged in reflecting these all-old tradition’s in our handicraft items and introduce these cultural home improvement items to rest of the world. We wholesale the statues, sculptures, wall hangings, different home and garden decor items made of brass, bronze and stone by taking inspirations from India’s centuries-old traditions. The dancing lady, God Shiva in Nataraj style, Buddha statue are some of the examples which we took from our ancient Indian history. We make the handicrafts in western style also to fulfill the new millennium requirement. So the customers can get the most antique look collectibles as well as the modern sculpture range. We manufacture different kinds of Statue, sculptures, and wall hangings, chandeliers mainly used for home, garden and office decoration. Material we used for these handicraft items are mainly brass, bronze and stone and sometimes we give them a antique look also. We wholesale and retail these all items from our Indian office. We are mainly engaged in exporting these handicraft items to all over the world at most cheap rate and provide a replacement warranty in all our goods. Due to bulk manufacturing unit, we can offer the best rate to our customers for all the items. Starting from different religious statues like Goddess Laxmi, Shri Krishna, Buddha we have a lot of Indian and western style statue and sculptures. Like soldier statue, different animal figure, western and Indian lady figure, abstract figures, different sculptures in western style. Our concern is always try to provide our customers a complete solution in art and craft items, to fulfill there need of getting unique antique and collectibles for office and home interior decoration.

Originating from India, our products do travel across the middle and upper class fashion concern peoples, fashion boutiques, retail and wholesale outlets of all the fashion conscious markets in the entire World. The collection features over enormous styles of great pieces of wholesale statues. We feel proud our self for our good service to customers and the reason for success is the strong commercial aspect of the collection selling unusual, individual pieces of statues and handicrafts at a good price. The intricacy and exclusivity of our designer collections are highlighted by the classy expressions of each statue and sculpture. Alluring the elite class, every statue and sculpture of ours is made out of the best materials and finishing. ighlighting the Indian traditions and the richness of cultural ethnicity, we want to introduce the items to all over the world. This Website has many items on continual display and you can order irectly via this site or by contacting us. We accept all major Credit cards Like Master Card, Visa, American express, and Dinner Club etc. securely via Paypal. Goods will be delivered via air Mail within 10 to 12 days, anywhere in the Entire World. In case any damage occurs while in transit, we assure our customers a full replacement of the goods. Wholesale discounts, very low Minimum order for Wholesalers, personalized pre and post purchase supports are the added advantages to our valued customers.The entire team is working very hard to introduce the Indian Art and craft to rest of the world.


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GSCM 334 Mtls Resource & Cap Pln wLab Week 1 Discussion Question 1 Production Scheduling

What is the role of master production scheduling in manufacturing planning and control? What other areas interface with it? Can you briefly tell me how does master production scheduling interfaces marketing?

Master production schedule is the heart of production planning and control. It determines the quantities needed to meet demand from all sources , and that governs key decisions and activities throughout the organization. The master schedule interfaces with marketing, capacity planning, production planning, and distribution planning.

MPS interfaces with marketing by allowing it the visibility to be able to make due on legitimate delivery commitments. It enables this by providing a full evaluation of information and requirements which in turn enable both production and marketing to come to an agreement on a planned course of action to meet customer requests. Additionally it also allows management the opportunity to determine if the business plans/strategic objectives can be achieved or not, which in turn saves time and money. One of the ways master production scheduling interfaces with the marketing is that marketing helps in generaing the forecasted demand based on the previous sales/orders. Sales and marketing team also create the sales funnel and pass on that data to the production/opertaion to meet the order. This helps in matching the demand and supply. Master scheduling enables marketing to make valid delivery commitments to warehouses and final customers and it provides the necessary information for production and marketing to negotiate when customer requests cannot be met by normal capacity. The new technology helps with customers request. If a company wants to be remain competitive it has to able to respond to these demands. The master production schedule has to have the agility to make changes.

A master production schedule interfaces with marketing as it allows the marketing team to make valid commitments to the warehouse or to the customer depending on where the product is going. There are four P’s in marketing, product, price, promotion, and place. The MPS helps marketing determine the place as well as the price at which the product should be sold and promotion at which they should be using to push the product. Marketing gathers a lot of critical information from the MPS and uses that information in order for the organization to make the most profit possible on the product.

The Master Production Schedule (MPS) is the overall production schedule for a manufacturing company or departments and its role is to offer department heads or managers a guiding information and basic plan frameworks that they will need to have at hand to keep a production or a project on track. What this does is that it offers these managers a quick glance to the present progress and future plans for a project that is essential to production. In a MPS, you can find cost projections, sales projections, and projections of expected progress, but these schedules can vary depending on the needs of the project and the organization and other areas that interface with it marketing, distribution, capacity planning and production because they all tie into each other and affects each other’s planning schedules hence the need of a MPS that can coordinate and control their planning schedules. MPS allows us to get the big picture and our role in operations management-no doubt. Your certainly focused on the main thing that is we need to know our product first and what our needs are for it before working on our plans and schedules.. good post.

There are many aspects involved with MPS including operational, financial, marketing and manufacturing areas. All these areas are taken into consideration when creating the MPS. A lot of times manufactures will make revisions to the schedules which will lead to consequences. Thankfully now we have technology on our side and software’s that will help guide us through all our planning schedules. Master production schedule (MPS) shows the quantity and timing of specific end items for a scheduled horizon, which often covers about six to eight weeks ahead. A master schedule shows the planned output for individual products rather than an entire product group, along with the timing of production. The master schedule contains important information for marketing as well as for production. It reveals when orders are scheduled for production and when completed orders are to be shipped. The master production schedule is one of the primary outputs of the master scheduling process. There are three primary inputs to the master scheduling process: the beginning inventory, the forecast, and the customer orders that have been booked or committed.


Stevenson, William J. Operations management —11th ed.

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Serena Williams gets into the US Open semis

Serena beat her sister V. Williams to reach the semi final. Serena will go into her next round against Roberta Vinci, an unseeded Italian veteran better known for her doubles prowess who will be playing in her first Grand Slam singles semifinal. Serena has not lost a set to Vinci in any of their previous four matches.

Current tournament:US Open (Women’s Singles)


S. Williams






V. Williams




Sep 9, Completed



S. Williams




4th Round


M. Keys




Sep 7, Completed



S. Williams




3rd Round


B. Mattek-Sands




Sep 5, Completed



S. Williams




2nd Round




Serena Williams is an American professional tennis player who is ranked No. 1 in women’s singles tennis. The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has ranked her world No. 1 in singles on six separate occasions. She became the world No. 1 for the first time on July 8, 2002, and achieved this ranking for the sixth time on February 18, 2013.[4] Williams has spent 256 weeks overall as the WTA ranked #1 as of August 30, 2015, placing her 4th on the List of WTA number 1 ranked players. On July 13, 2015 she marked the first time in WTA history that the No. 1 player had more than twice as many points as No. 2.[5] She is the reigning champion of the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, U.S. Open, WTA Tour Championships and Olympic women’s singles and doubles. Williams is regarded by some commentators, sports writers, and current and former players as the greatest female tennis player of all-time.

Williams holds the most major singles, doubles, and mixed doubles titles combined amongst active players, male or female. Her record of 36 major titles puts her fifth on the all-time list and second in the open era with: 21 in singles, 13 in women’s doubles, and two in mixed doubles. She is the most recent player, male or female, to have held all four major singles titles simultaneously (2002–03 and 2014–15), the fifth woman ever to do so and only the third player, male or female, to achieve this record twice after Rod Laver and Steffi Graf. She is also the most recent player, together with her sister Venus Williams, to have held all four Grand Slam women’s doubles titles simultaneously (2009–10).

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HSM 541 Health Service Systems Week 2 You Decide Recommendations Recruiting Nurses Marketing Strategies

Click the below link to access the answer

HSM 541 Health Service Systems Week 2 You Decide Recommendations Recruiting Nurses Marketing Strategies Answer


HSM 541 Health Service Systems Week 2 You Decide Recommendations Recruiting Nurses Marketing Strategies Answer

HSM 541 Health Service Systems Week 2 You Decide Recommendations Recruiting Nurses Marketing Strategies Answer

You Decide Scenario Scenario Summary
You are the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Middlefield Hospital. Middlefield Hospital is a 450-bed tertiary care facility in a major urban area in the Northeast. The hospital is an integrated health system that provides the full array of inpatient and outpatient services. The hospital enjoys a reputation for quality care in the area.
As the new CEO, you have learned that the hospital’s employee turnover rate exceeds 20%, and there are over 100 nursing vacancies. You have also learned the following facts that may be impacting these workforce shortages:
A new hospital has recently opened in your market area that has produced competition for Middlefield Hospital.
Employee morale has deteriorated over the last 12 months.
Essex University (a local college) is considering eliminating its nursing degree program because there is continual difficulty in recruiting well qualified instructors.
Your Role/Assignment
The board of directors has asked that you provide a 750-word report detailing your strategies and recommendations to overcome the workforce shortages and to improve employee morale. The strategies and recommendations should be as specific as possible and include the resources needed for implementation. Your primary text and journal/website research must be used as a reference to support your analysis.

HSM 541 Health Service Systems Week 2 You Decide Recommendations Recruiting Nurses Marketing Strategies Answer

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Chick fil A Stories and News

Chick-fil-A (CHIK-fil-AY, a play on the US pronunciaion of “fillet”) is an American fast food restaurant chain headquartered in the Atlanta suburb of College Park, …

Chick-fil-A | Facebook

Chick-fil-A, College Park, Georgia. 7449361 likes · 40369 talking about this · 2187450 were here. It all started with a man named Truett Cathy, a…

Chick-fil-A or Chemical-Fil-A? – Food Babe

Jul 9, 2011 – This week I posted a picture of the ingredients in a Chick-Fil-A sandwich on my personal and Food Babe Facebook Page – I was curious to see.

Chick-fil-A Jobs and Careers – Apply Online – Snagajob

At Chick-fil-A, the team member role is more than just a job, it’s an opportunity. In addition to working directly for an independent Operator, team members gain …

Top Secret Recipes | Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich Copycat … › Recipes

Rating: 4.2 – ‎49 reviews – ‎20 mins – ‎430 cal

That makes Chick-fil-A the fourth largest fast-food chicken restaurant in the world. And Cathy still adheres to the deeply religious values that were with him in the …

Chic A Fill in Easton, Pennsylvania with Reviews & Ratings … › Easton, PA

Results 1 – 7 of 7 – Find 7 listings related to Chic A Fill in Easton on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Chic A Fill locations in …

Chick-fil-A Chicopee – Chicopee Restaurant – Home

Chick-fil-A Chicopee’s best restaurant offers a family-friendly dining experience. Visit our Chicopee restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to enjoy our great …

Chick-Fil-A Copycat (Original Chick-Fil-Gay Sandwich …

Rating: 4.9 – ‎106 votes

Jun 18, 2012 – If you’ve been dreaming of a way to make your very own junky fast-food-that’ll-kill-ya at HOME, today is your lucky day! Here is Chick-Fil-A’s …

Chick-fil-A to open 3 restaurants in Puget Sound region ……/Chick-fil-A-to-open-3-restaurants-in-Puget-Sou…

Aug 12, 2014 – Chick-fil-A has announced they will be opening three restaurants in the Puget Sound region, starting next spring.

Chick-fil-A, Inc. (@ChickfilA) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Chick-fil-A, Inc. (@ChickfilA). This is the official Twitter account for Chick-fil-A. We Didn’t Invent The Chicken, Just The Chicken Sandwich!

Chick-fil-A Lima – Media Restaurant – Home

Chick-fil-A Media’s best restaurant offers a family-friendly dining experience. Visit our Lima restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to enjoy our great tasting …

Chick-fil-A – CalorieKing

Find out how many calories are in Chick-fil-A. CalorieKing provides nutritional food information for calorie counters and people trying to lose weight.

Chick-Fill-A Ltd – the Blackpool Gazette business directory

Find contact details for ChickFill-A Ltd in 255 – 257 Talbot Road, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY3 7AS.

Chick-Fill-A Fried & Grilled Chicken in Normoss – Order … › FY3 Normoss

Rating: 5/6 – ‎497 votes

Read customer reviews on ChickFill-A Fried & Grilled Chicken; Nearly 2 million user reviews to help you find the best restaurants in Normoss.

Chick-fil-A – 133 Photos – Fast Food – Walnut Creek, CA … › Restaurants › Fast Food

Rating: 4 – ‎270 reviews – ‎Price range: $

270 Reviews of Chick fil A “This is one of the best, if not the best fast food chains in the country. Every restaurant I have stepped foot in has been very well …

Chick-fil-A – 359 Photos – Fast Food – North San Jose … – Yelp › Restaurants › Fast Food

Rating: 4 – ‎587 reviews – ‎Price range: $

587 Reviews of Chick fil A “Eat more chikin! What is not to like about this place. They serve tasty chicken sandwiches. And one of the only fast food places to …

Chick-fil-A Tortures Chickens

What’s really inside your Chick-fil-A sandwich? Shocking new hidden-camera video paints a disturbing picture. Watch now.

Chick-fil-A Anti-Gay Controversy: Gay Employees Speak Out…/chick-fil-a-anti-gay-controversy-employees…

Aug 1, 2012 – Elected officials have urged Chick-fil-A to stay out of their cities, the Jim Henson Company has severed ties, and gay rights groups are …

Chick-fil-A gives free food to motorists stranded in Southern ……/chick-fil-gives-free-food-to-motorists-stranded-in-…

Jan 29, 2014 – But a good number of those stranded motorists were able to find shelter in the storm thanks to the kindness and generosity of Chick-fil-A …

Chick-fil-A’s signature sandwich trumps fast-food competition…/01/…/chick-fil…/4373221/

Jan 9, 2014 – Chick-fil-A’s success is shockingly simple – they make a tasty fried chicken sandwich.

Chick-Fil-A Fed Stranded Motorists in Snowstorm-Truth!

Feb 17, 2014 – This is a forwarded email containing what appears to be a news story that alleged that the manager and staff of a Chic-Fil-A in Birmingham, …

Copy Cat Chick-fil-A Sauce – Stockpiling Moms…/pinterest-daily-pin-copy-cat-…

Rating: 4.4 – ‎10 votes

May 2, 2012 – I love this recipe for Copy Cat Chick-fil-A Sauce. It tastes just like the real thing! I am going to have to admit that I LOVE Chick-fil-A Sauce.

Paleo Chick-fil-A Recipe – Stupid Easy Paleo

Rating: 5 – ‎2 votes – ‎40 mins

Aug 9, 2013 – Make this Paleo Chick-fil-A at home for a healthier version of the fast food favorite! The secret’s in the pickle juice!

Homemade Chick-Fil-A Sandwiches | Serious Eats…/homemade-chick-fil-a-sandwiches-…

Jul 30, 2012 – A spot-on replica of Chick-Fil-A’s famous fried chicken breast sandwich.

Gay Rights Uproar Over Chick-fil-A Widens – The New York ……/…

Jul 25, 2012 – The Baptist family that owns Chick-fil-A, a fast-food chain based in Atlanta, has for years given millions of dollars to organizations fighting …

Chick-fil-A Race Series

The Chick-fil-A Connect Race Series is a competitive nationwide race series for both runners and non-runners.

Chick Fil A Menu Prices & Chick Fil A Breakfast Menu

Rating: 5 – ‎13 votes

The Chick-Fil-A Menu can also be found at , however, that menu is spread out over 6 pages and it does not include prices.

Chow Down (at Chick-fil-A) – YouTube


Mar 19, 2012 – Uploaded by willam belli

If drag queens endorse Christian-right owned Chick-fil-A, is it still an endorsement? NOPE. BUY NOW!

Vante CFO Bullies Chick-Fil-A Worker, Then Promptly Gets ……

Aug 2, 2012 – Chick-fil-A is currently in the middle of a controversy sparked by president and COO Dan Cathy’s comments about gay marriage. He said that …

California Baptist University :: Explore CBU :: Chick-fil-A

Dec 11, 2014 – Chick-fil-A at CBU is the premium fast-food restaurant that passionately serves America’s most-loved chicken by people who really care.

Chick-fil-A introduces new frozen treat, featuring a couple of ……/chick-fil-a_introduces_new_fro.html

Mar 16, 2015 – Chick-fil-A has introduced a new frozen treat that combines a couple of old favorites from the menu. The new Frosted Lemonade is available at …

Chick-fil-A’s Recipe for Customer Service | Fast Company …

Not all fast food chains are fast companies. Chick-fil-A is an exception. by Chuck Salter All too often, top-notch fast-food service is an oxymoron…

Did Chick-fil-A’s President Say ‘We Don’t Like Blacks Either … › Nation › Black Conspiracy Theories

Nov 18, 2013 – In June 2012, fast-food chain Chick-fil-A was placed in an extremely unfavorable light following a series of public comments made by its chief …

Chick-Fill-A Fried & Grilled Chicken, Blackpool – Restaurant … › … › Blackpool › Blackpool Restaurants

Rating: 2.5 – ‎3 reviews

ChickFill-A Fried & Grilled Chicken, Blackpool: See 3 unbiased reviews of ChickFill-A Fried & Grilled Chicken, rated 2.5 of 5 on TripAdvisor and ranked #512 of …

Free chicken for a year for the first 100 customers: Chick-fil …

Oct 31, 2014 – Hobby Lobby, Bass Pro Shops, and now add Chick-fil-A to the growing list of national brands that have opened doors or broken ground in …

How Chick-fil-A Hires: The Christian Way | Paul Petrone ……/20140725153658-283620963-how-chick-f

Jul 25, 2014 – Chick-fil-A gets between 10,000 to 25,000 applicants a year from aspiring franchise operators to fill the 60 to 70 open slots that open up each …

Chick-fil-A Connect 3on3

The 1st annual Chick-fil-A Connect 3ON3 Basketball Tournament and Family FunZone of Bryant, AR is here! We’ll be packing out Bishop Park on Saturday, …

Chick-fil-A CEO Cathy: Gay Marriage Still Wrong, But I’ll ……/chick-fil-a-ceo-cathy-gay-marriage-still-wrong-but-i…

Mar 19, 2014 – In the summer of 2012, the billionaire family behind fast food chain Chick-fil-A found themselves…well, if not in hot water, then in a piping vat of …

How Chick-fil-A Totally Crushed KFC, Popeyes | TIME

Jul 16, 2014 – Chick-fil-A Is a Growing Threat in Fast Food Market Bloomberg via Getty Images A U.S. flag flies outside a Chick-fil-A Inc. restaurant in Bowling …

Chick-fil-A Mobile Locator – Where2GetIt

Chick-fil-A Mobile Locator. … Connect with Chick-fil-A Facebook · Twitter. Visit Our Full Site. Franchise Legal Notices | Legal | Privacy. © 2011 CFA Properties …

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See the 5 best Chick fil A coupons and promo codes as of February 5. Popular today: Chick Fil A Secret Menu. Trust for Restaurants savings.

Chick-Fil-A Debuts New Homophobic Sandwich – The Onion ……/chick-fil-a-debuts-new-homophobic-sandwich-28…

Jul 24, 2012 – HOUSTON—Noting that the group has been constantly interrupted by cars slowly driving through searching for open spots, onlookers …

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Chick-fil-A interview details: 513 interview questions and 513 interview reviews posted anonymously by Chick-fil-A interview candidates.

Chick-fil-A Nutrition Facts & Calorie Information: Carbs … › Fast Food

A Nutrition Guide to the Chick Fil A Menu for Healthy Eating. Are you looking for a … How many calories are in a Chick-fil-A Peach Milk Shake? Answer: 850.

Chick-fil-A – Android Apps on Google Play…hl=en

Rating: 4 – ‎1,681 votes – ‎Free

Now included in the Chick-fil-A app is Mobile Ordering and Mobile Pay.

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Find detailed information about Chick-fil-A franchise costs and fees. A Chick-fil-A restaurant franchise is a limited menu, quick-service restaurant specializing in a …

Chick-Fil-A Manager – BuzzFeed

Nov 15, 2014 – Chick-Fil-A told BuzzFeed News it is currently looking into the situation. UPDATE: The Washington Post reported that the list of words was…

Chick-fil-A planning three Washington restaurants | All You ……/chick-fil-a-planning-three-washington-restaura…

Oct 30, 2014 – Chick-fil-A is coming back to Washington state. The Southern fast food company held groundbreaking ceremonies this week for new outlets in …

Chick-fil-A Franchisee Gives Needy Man Free Meal, His … › US

Jan 13, 2015 – When a man who appeared to be in need walked into Mark Meadows’ Chick-fil-A, Meadows does what he’s done many times before. He asked …

Chick-Fil-A Classic Holiday Tournament: Home

Our Savior Pioneers of Centereach New York captured the Chick-fil-A Classic’s National Division crown with a 57 to 55 victory over Arlington Country Day …

Chick-fil-A Cashier – Job Description & Salary › Chick-fil-A

In entry-level positions, Chick-fil-A cashiers perform basic customer service duties. Primary job responsibilities include operating cash registers and preparing …

Chick-fil-A opening restaurants in Clackamas, Tanasbourne…/18870373/

Nov 11, 2014 – Chick-fil-A, the controversial Atlanta-based fast-food restaurant, has confirmed plans to open two restaurants in the Portland metro area.

Copycat Chick-fil-A Nuggets – Damn Delicious

1 hr

Jul 18, 2014 – Copycat Chick-fil-A Nuggets – Just like Chick-Fil-A, but it tastes 10000x better! And the homemade honey mustard is out of this world!

Chick-fil-A Introduces New Frosted Lemonade | Brand Eating

Mar 17, 2015 – Chick-fil-A introduces new Frosted Lemonade, a combination of their fresh-squeeze lemonade and signature Icedream soft serve.

People camp out for Chick-fil-A’s opening in Bellevue – King 5…chick-fil-a…/25466781/

Apr 8, 2015 – The restaurant is offering free Chick-fil-A for a year to the first 100 people through the door when it opens at 6 a.m. on Thursday.

Chick-Fil-A Menu Prices – #HackTheMenu › Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is an American fast food restaurant chain headquartered in Georgia that specializes in chicken. Chick-fil-A does chicken most any way you can …

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

CHICK-FIL-A PEACH BOWL. Buy 2015 Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl tickets and lock in 2016 College Football Playoff Semifinal tickets at the same price, in the same …

Chick-fil-A Franchise Report – Franchise Chatter…/franchise-chatter-guide-chick-fil-a-franchis…

Jan 27, 2014 – What investors need to know about the Chick-fil-A franchise opportunity.

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Check the balance of your Chick-fil-A gift card to see how much money you have left on your gift card.

Is Chick-fil-A Healthy? | The Rebooted Body

Feb 24, 2014 – I have to hand it to them — Chick-fil-A has managed to do fast food differently. As far as service is concerned, it’s about the friendliest and most …

What It’s REALLY Like to Work at Chick-fil-A – Cosmopolitan

Apr 22, 2015 – “Eat more chikin,” the fast food chain says, and customers flock to Chick-fil-A to do just that. The chain is popular for its milkshakes, iced tea, and …

Long Island Chick-fil-A to Open This Fall – Long Island Press…/long-island-chick-fil-a-to-open-this-f…

Feb 13, 2015 – Chick-fil-A, the controversial Atlanta-based chain of fast food chicken restaurants, plans to open this fall its first location on Long Island, in Port …

Bojangles’ vs. Chick-fil-A: The Ultimate Chicken Biscuit ……/bojangles-vs-chick-fil-a-the-ultimate-chicken-biscuit-…

Jul 18, 2013 – Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits, affectionately known as Bojangles’, opened in 1977 in Charlotte, NC. The first Chick-fil-A opened in …

Leadercast: Leadership Development Platform & Events

Home · Attend a Simulcast · On Demand · Now · Now Home · Beyond You · Bravery · Change Management · Creativity · Culture · Dealing with Difficult People …

A lesson in customer service from Chick-fil-A | SAS…/a-lesson-in-customer-service-from-chick-fil-a.html

“The word ‘restaurant’ means place of restoration, and we think of Chick-fil-A as an oasis where people can be restored. We strive to treat people better than the …

Chick-fil-A schedules Enfield opening; will more ……ssf/…/enfield_chick-fil-a_schedules_opening.html

Feb 12, 2015 – Campers awaiting the openi9ng of a new Chick-fil-A location somewhere in the country in this photo provided by the chain. The Enfield …

Chicken Nuggets Copycat Chick Fil A Recipe –…/chick-fil-a-chicken-and-nuggets-copycat…

Rating: 5 – ‎25 reviews – ‎1 hr 20 mins – ‎426.9 cal

After looking on the internet for days for a Chick-Fil-A copycat and finding only plain old fried chicken recipes, I decided to try and imitate it myself. It came out …

Former CFO who delivered viral Chick-fil-A rant now on food ……chick-fil…-/nkg8H/

Mar 28, 2015 – But his taped rant directed at a Chick-fil-A employee first cost him his job, then his home and now his career, according to an ABC report.

Chick-fil-A Online Ordering – Home

Chick-fil-A Online Ordering – Home. modal target. You have the following Rewards/Discounts: Apply. No Thanks. OK. Cancel. Delivery. Pickup. Yes. No. Pickup.

Chick-fil-A craze slowing traffic – Bellevue Reporter

Apr 15, 2015 – This city of Bellevue traffic camera documents congestion around the newly opened Chick-fil-A restaurant near the corner of Northeast Eighth …

After Berating Innocent Chick-Fil-A Worker, Many Say He’s ……/281770-3-years-after-bullying-this-chick-fil-a-em…

In a YouTube video, Smith berated Chick-fil-A employee Rachel Elizabeth at the drive-thru window when she gave him, a protester, a free cup of water:.

Chik fil A Franchise Opportunities – The Franchise King…

If Dan Cathy would have kept his bless-ed mouth shut, I wouldn’t have written this post about his Chick fil A franchise opportunities. The franchise he runs is an …

Chick Fil A Catering Menu and Prices

Over the last few years Chick fil A Catering has become extremely popular. The only other catering company that can rival Chick fil A’s popularity is Chipotle …

Palm Coast Chick-fil-A slates grand opening – The News …

Feb 28, 2015 – PALM COAST – Construction is nearing completion on Flagler County’s first Chick-fil-A, and the opening will be preceded by a 24-hour “First …

Chick-fil-A Coupons – RetailMeNot › Restaurants › Fast Food

Enjoy average savings of $6 when you use Chick-fil-A coupons. Enjoy a free breakfast entree or chicken sandwich with Chick-fil-A printable coupons and …

Calories in Chick-fil-A – Chick-fil-A Nuggets, Classics (12 … › … › Chicken Nuggets and Tenders

Curious about how many calories are in Chicken Nuggets? Get nutrition information and sign up for a free online diet program at CalorieCount.

Working at Chick-fil-A: 1,786 Reviews |–fil–a/reviews?fcountry=US

Rating: 4 – ‎Review by Cook/Cashier – ‎6 Aug 2013

1786 reviews from Chick-fil-A employees about Chick-fil-A culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Chick-fil-A Gives Free Food to Motorists … › Home › Politics › Business

Mar 10, 2015 – Rumor: Chick-fil-A provided free food to motorists stranded during a blizzard in Birmingham, Alabama.

Chick-fil-A Nutrition Facts

Up to date Chick-fil-A nutrition facts. View nutrition by list, chart or with meal calculator.

Chick-fil-A Customer Experience Survey – Welcome

Welcome to the Chick-fil-A® Customer Experience Survey. We value your candid feedback and appreciate you taking the time to complete our survey.

Over Half A Million People Join Mike Huckabee in … – Gawker…/over-half-a-million-people-join-mike-huckabee-in-appre…

Nearly 600000 people have confirmed their participation in Mike Huckabee’s Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, per the event’s Facebook page.

Weight Watchers Points – Chic-fil-A Nutrition Information › Restaurant Points

Use these Weight Watchers Points and nutrition information when eating at Chick-fil-A.

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Labor Day – Something to feel proud about

Many of us have wondered why we celebrate Labor Day. Labor Day is more than just the end of summer activities. Labor unions were the first to celebrate the beginning of the Labor Day tradition in the US. A union leader by the name of Peter McGuire originated the idea of setting aside a day for workers to gather in unity. On September 5, 1882, the inaugural Labor Day parade with all its finery was held in New York City, and a decision was made by the labor unions to designate a date between Independence Day and the Thanksgiving holiday. The first Monday in September was chosen for future celebrations. As the idea circulated in the United States, some states declared this day a holiday even before the first Monday in September was designated a national holiday.


President Grover Cleveland signed the bill to honor Labor Day. The date was chosen to be that of the first Monday in the month of September. What makes this memorable is that Cleveland was not a support of the unions. In fact, at the time he signed the bill, he was attempting to repair some damage to his political career that he had previously suffered when he sent troops to stop a strike that was sponsored by the Railway Workers Union that caused 34 workers to lose their lives. If someone were to ask you the question, “What is Labor Day?” could you really answer it? I doubt many of us really know anything about the holiday other than the fact that it is the first Monday in September and is the official end of summer. It used to signal the beginning of the new school year, but with more schools returning to classes in middle or late August that is no longer the case, though the beaches and other summer activities continue throughout Labor Day weekend.


In 1887, the first states declared it a state holiday: Oregon, Colorado, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. In 1894, Congress passed a law that designated Labor Day as an official national holiday. Currently Labor Day is celebrated in the United States, Canada, and other industrialized countries. Though in the U.S. it is a general holiday, which also designates the end of the summer season; in European countries its roots to the working class remains clear. In Europe, China, and other countries in the rest of the world, it is May Day, the first day of May, that they hold celebrations similar to the North American celebration for Labor Day.

In the 1950’s approximately 40 percent of workers belonged to labor unions in the United States. Currently that figure is approximately 14 percent. As a result, Labor Day is celebrated more as the unofficial way to end the summer than as a labor union holiday. Just about all schools as well as businesses (including the US Government) close on Labor Day to allow people to have one more barbeque before it begins to turn cold. A day to reflect on the accomplishments of working people: That’s been the proud tradition since the first, unofficial, Labor Day back in 1882.

But, one of labor’s greatest accomplishments has gone largely unrecognized. Since the end of World War II, working people have bought up a huge chunk of big business. They now own a piece of just about everything in business, from multinational corporations to small companies that build mini-malls in their neighbourhoods. It may be the greatest economic transformation since the Industrial Revolution; management guru Peter Drucker calls it “The Pension Fund Revolution.”

To get a sense of the transformation, consider this: At the end of 2001, America’s 242 billionaires had assets totalling about $800 billion. That’s a sizable amount, certainly, but working people had assets of $11.8 trillion in pension and mutual funds. That’s almost 15 times as much as the billionaires. Most working people contribute only modest amounts to their retirement plans, but there are simply so many of us that our collective nest egg grew very quickly. If you’re still not sure, try this on your calculator: Multiply a contribution of $1,000 per year by one million working people. Answer: $1 billion dollars per year. Now note there are hundreds of millions of working people here and in other countries. And we’re contributing new money every year.

Even a relatively small number of working people can build a big fund. For example, the New York State Common Retirement Fund, with 944,000 members in or retired from state public services, had assets of $112 billion at the end of March last year. According to the Fund’s annual report for 2002, about $76.6 billion of that total was invested in companies. The remainder, about $35 billion, was in bonds, mortgages, and other types of loans. Look at the private sector and unions, too. To cite just a couple of examples, Pensions & Investments magazine estimated that General Motor’s pension fund had assets of $82.5 billion and the pension fund of the Western Conference Teamsters had assets of $22.6 billion, at September 30, 2001.

This ownership of big business by working people is the result of contributions to pension funds, mutual funds, and life insurance policies with a savings component. What does all this mean? Well, for starters, perhaps an end of complaints about the profits of corporations. After all, most of those profits go toward the retirement incomes of working people. More complicated, though, is the relationship between working people who own a big company and other working people employed by it. How to share corporate profits — through continuing employment and higher wages or through higher returns to shareholders — remains a difficult issue. Especially for those working people who lose their jobs.

On the other side of the coin, working people have bought enough stocks and shares to become the bosses of the bosses. Some pension funds have begun making that clear; CalPERS, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System, has led the way in telling Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and boards of directors that they’d better manage effectively. And, CEOs and directors listen; after all CalPERS runs the country’s biggest pension fund, with assets of more than $130 billion. One other thing: if you’re a working person, you’re a consumer, as well as an owner and employee. When you go shopping, there’s a chance you’ll buy from a business owned by yourself, your friends, or your neighbours. What’s more, the clerks who take your credit card with smiles may work for you. Or, maybe the clerks own the company for which you work. Smile at them, too, just to be on the safe side!

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Blogging: Let’s Get You Started!

So what is blogging really all about? First off, let me tell you that it’s a lucrative business to blog and that blogs are easy to set up and manage. Imagine getting paid to write about subjects that interest you, whenever you want, wherever you are! The flexibility involved allows you to maintain your blog at your own pace, and with Internet cafés easily accessible all over the globe, even your vacation won’t get in the way of your blogging… Or should I say: even your blogging won’t get in the way of your vacation? In this article, let’s take a look at the profitability of a blog and set up one of our own, free of charge! Interested? Read on!




First, you need to get yourself a blog. There are several options – host a blog on your own domain or get a free one. For starters, let’s talk about the free blogs. You can obtain one at or the newer (and better!) WordPress is a free blog engine that is robust and infinitely expandable. Blogger is actually owned by Google, so it will be detected by Google’s radar faster and you will be indexed more quickly., however, is a relatively new option so I have no comparison on the speed of getting indexed by search engines. However, WordPress is better in the sense that it has more advanced features such as Trackbacks and Categories. You can also manage your sidebar links more efficiently (more about this later).


Get a free blog at either Blogger or WordPress. Then, familiarize yourself by publishing your first post on your blog and tinkering around with the options and templates. Here are some words to start expanding your blogging vocabulary:


Permalink – Permalink stands for permanent link, which is a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) that leads to an individual post that you make in your blog.


Trackback – When you post about someone else’s blog post elsewhere, your post will show up in their “trackback” section. This feature, however, is not available with a Blogger account.


Pinging – Blogging seems to be paired with pinging almost every time either one is mentioned nowadays. Pinging is actually the action where a certain aggregator is notified whenever your blog is updated, so that the aggregator may show the newest post of your blog on their website. This is a useful way to gain traffic, which I’ll discuss in a future article.


Content – Next, let’s look at the type of content that’s suitable for your blog in order to make it profitable. You need to understand that there is no fixed scope that your blog should have, which means you can write about whatever you’re interested in. Mind you, the difference between a profitable blog and a non-profitable one is the way you write. What would you prefer: reading your university professor’s lecture notes or the latest novel by your favorite author? People prefer to read “light” items most of the time. When they check out your blog, they are not only looking for information, but they are also looking for information that they can access easily. So, to attract more visitors as well as to keep your current readers coming back for more, it’s very important to add a personal touch to your blog posts. This can be done by simply imagining that you’re talking with your personal friend. An extra bonus for your readers would be a great sense of humor, so try to add funny comments in your articles where relevant.


Another important point is to avoid addressing your reader as a plural unit. Don’t write as if you’re preparing a speech. Instead, write as if you’re having a conversation with a single person, an equal friend, because this will make your reader relate to you more easily. Besides that, it’s also very useful to establish your own personality through your words. We’re very curious creatures, so naturally your visitors would want to know as much about you as the information you’re offering them. Having a distinctive personality in your blog will make a world of difference between your blog about gadgets and all the other blogs about gadgets out there. This is a lot like creating your own brand name, where people immediately remember your blog’s name when they need information about gadgets, just like how people immediately think of McDonald’s for fastfood or Nike for sportswear. When word gets around about your command of blogging, others who need to know about blogging will start to actively seek you out!