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The Transatlantic World on the eve of the European Age of Discovery was a world that was urging for new discoveries and explorations Answer

The Transatlantic World on the eve of the European Age of Discovery was a world that was urging for new discoveries and explorations. Different European nations were eager to explore the unexplored regions of world with some specific purposes in mind. There were certain motives that provoked some of the major European nations in the Transatlantic World to voyage to the other side of the pacific and to usher the European Age of Discovery. It should be noted that these motives on the part of these specific European nations included the economic, religious, strategic, and political elements, and moreover, the desire of exploiting the trading network of luxury goods, slaves, spices, ivory, etc several European nations like Portugal started initiating exploration to the distant lands on the other side of the Atlantic (“Technology and Civilization”, n.d.). But the coming of the European Age of Exploration changed the entire scenario and it did reshape the world for the next 200 years. It is noteworthy that from 1450 to 1648 the Europeans sailed to the Americas, to the coast of Africa and they also explored India and Southeast Asia (Caballero, 2010), and it should be kept in mind that with the desire for glory, with the objective to spread Christianity, and with the longing for more wealth some of the European nation transformed the age of exploration into an age of tyranny, suppression, and domination. Although the age of exploration brought agony to nations like Africa and the Americas, it must be stated that without the European initiation of exploration the modern world would not have emerged. The age of exploration initiated by the Europeans paved the way for the exchange of culture, knowledge, and it initiated the exchange of the food culture of one nation with another. The majority of Africans were turned into commodities in the form of slaves and even though the Transatlantic slave trade minimized the humane qualities among the white slave traders, this trade ultimately paved the way for greater humanitarian revolutions which ultimately contributed a lot in the establishment of liberty, equality, and fraternity in nations like the United States.

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