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Drinking, sexual consent and criminal prosecution of juvenile offenders Answer

Drinking, sexual consent and criminal prosecution of juvenile offenders.

Since the prefrontal cortex is not fully developed till the mid twenties it has both very serious implications on the attitudes and psychology of an individual. In this stage the individuals generally tend to imitate what their peers are doing. They get immense satisfaction and pride from imitating them. They get social recognition and feel part of the group. However, when they indulge in activities like drinking, sexual consent and criminal activities then consequences are dire. Too much drinking leads to individuals getting caught in criminal activities. Many youngsters because of the physical attraction try to abuse each other sexually. This is very harmful for them in the later stages. Either they become addict to these activities or when they shun them the effects are very lasting on their memory. Many young individuals are caught regularly in the criminal acts like drug abuse etc. The court sends them for juvenile protection but these have again negative effect on them. It is very necessary that in this stage a proper guidance is given to individuals so that they realize the importance of limits. Proper counseling helps to eradicate these vices from the society.

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