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Is More student loans an answer to correct the current Malady

Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley proposed plans to lower college costs that include giving federal money to institutions. College students who have never had a permanent job and supported themselves in the real world are too financially ignorant to borrow money for loans. The colleges just tell them that they can afford the outrageous tuition, book costs, and room and board because the government will lend them the money. Most students, ignorant of basic household economics, take the loans, and pay the price later. Pigeonholing every student who has a loan isn’t right! Kids, not adults, who go to college straight out of high school struggle to get an education and need all the help they can get. To deny that help is undermining their right to a good education. Education should be free. If a student has an exemplary record he or she should be offered a free college education. We are so far behind so many countries that offer their young adults free education. College tuition increases can be slowed. Poor students need government help in order to go to college.

When President Obama proposed free tuition at community colleges, he was thinking about students who couldn’t afford college being greatly helped to live better through education. Higher education leads to higher pay, and those who would receive tuition-free associate degrees would eventually repay the government by earning more and paying more in taxes. College tuition and health care are not areas in which America’s poor can wait for solutions in the distant future. They need help right now. Making a roadblock out of the fact that it will cost money to fix this problem dooms our poor to their poverty. The first step is either to freeze tuition rates or at least keep increases below the cost of living rate. College prices have gone up because government goosed demand with cheap loans while supply stayed constant. College tuition is a big concern for students like me. Candidates from both parties need to offer sustainable solutions.