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IT 237 INTRO TO WEB DESIGN II Week 6 CheckPoint Quick Check Answer

In addition to creating a box, what else can you do to call attention to the box?Boarders can be designed or images placed in the box all in an effort to decorate the box in a pleasing manor.

  •  What properties determine the size of a box?

The size of the box is controlled by the width and height properties.

What property determines whether a box will have scroll bars?

The overflow property will determine if a box has scroll bars or not. This property determines how excess text is displayed in a box.

What are the four values for that property?

 Visible: Will expand the box as much as necessary.

Hidden: Scroll bars and overflow text are not displayed.

Scroll: Size of box remains the same and scroll bars are displayed.

Auto: Size of the box remains the same scroll bars are displayed when necessary.

What property will position a box left or right?

The float property is used to position a box left or right.

If a box is floated right, where will the text wrap?

The text will wrap around the left side.





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