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Rosen, Inc. has 10,000 obsolete calculators, which are carried in inventory at a cost Answer

Poodle Company manufactures two products, Mini A and Maxi B. Poodle’s overhead costs consist of setting up machines, $800,000; machining, $1,800,000; and inspecting, $600,000. Information on the two products is:      Mini A     Maxi B Direct labor hours     15,000     25,000 Machine setups     600     400 Machine hours     24,000     26,000 Inspections      800     700 Overhead applied to Maxi B using traditional costing using direct labor hours is      A.   $1,280,000      B.   $1,670,000      C.   $1,536,000      D.   $2,000,000


Rosen, Inc. has 10,000 obsolete calculators, which are carried in inventory at a cost of $20,000. If the calculators are scrapped, they can be sold for $1.10 each (for parts). If they are repackaged, at a cost of $15,000, they could be sold to toy stores for $2.50 per unit. What alternative should be chosen, and why?      A.   Scrap; profit is $1,000 greater.      B.   Scrap; incremental loss is $9,000.      C.   Repackage; revenue is $5,000 greater than cost.      D.   Repackage; receive profit of $10,000.      


20) Ace Company sells office chairs with a selling price of $25 and a contribution margin per unit of $15. It takes 3 machine hours to produce one chair. How much is the contribution margin per unit of limited resource?      A.   $5      B.   $10      C.   $3.33      D.   $45      


21) Max Company uses 10,000 units of Part A in producing its products. A supplier offers to make Part A for $7. Max Company has relevant costs of $8 a unit to manufacture Part A. If there is excess capacity, the opportunity cost of buying Part A from the supplier is      A.   $0      B.   $80,000      C.   $10,000      D.   $70,000      


38) At January 1, 2004, Barry, Inc. has beginning inventory of 4,000 widgets. Barry estimates it will sell 35,000 units during the first quarter of 2004 with a 10% increase in sales each quarter. Barry’s policy is to maintain an ending inventory equal to 25% of the next quarter’s sales. Each widget costs $1 and is sold for $1.50. How much is budgeted sales revenue for the third quarter of 2004?      A.   $57,525      B.   $63,525      C.   $42,350      D.   $63,000      


39) Gottberg Mugs is planning to sell 2,000 mugs and produce 2,200 mugs during April. Each mug requires 2 pounds of resin and a half hour of direct labor. Resin costs $1 per pound and employees of the company are paid $12.50 per hour. Manufacturing overhead is applied at a rate of 120% of direct labor costs. Gottberg has 2,000 pounds of resin in beginning inventory and wants to have 2,400 pounds in ending inventory. How much is the total amount of budgeted direct labor for April?      A.   $12,500      B.   $25,000      C.   $27,500      D.   $13,750


= 2,200 × 0.5 × $12.50


= $13,750