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The two problems the British Parliament faced in North America before the Revolutionary War Answer

The two problems the British Parliament faced in North America before the Revolutionary War were as follows:

  1. No representation of North America in British parliament: From the long time, American people were demanding representation in the British parliament, but British parliament was not in position to fulfill their demand. The administration of the North America was directly run via London. It was not possible for the British parliament to understand the ground realties of the areas. Parliament was fully dependent on the feedback of their governors.
  2. Opposition of North American people against British parliament laws: After the seven year war the war, majority of the North American French colonies went into the hand of Britain. Though, Britain won this war but disputes over subsequent frontier policy and paying the war’s expenses led to colonial discontent, and ultimately to the American Revolution. War leads the England into huge debt. To overcome the problem of the debt, the government of England imposed heavy taxes on the people of America. They enacted stamp act and sugar act. Stamp act was passed in 1765. Americans find this tax to be unconstitutional because they believe that no freeman can be forced to pay the tax without his consent. English government does not have any right to impose, such type of Tax in USA.  Addition to this, this act was imposed without representation and enforcement by courts without juries which is against the social contract. This act was also against the Great Charter. According the Americans the right to private property is a “natural right”. No government can take this right from the people of any nation. The stamp act is direct interfering in the “private property “of the American people. All people across the country opposed this act including the people living in Massachusetts

In order to overcome all the problems faced by the people of North America, new government of America introduced democracy in the country. They provided right to the people to elect their representative. Addition to this, new governmnet took back all the controversial laws imposed by the British government. They removed all the trade restriction from the Americans.


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