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What if I say that your child is the best in the world!

How many of us have truly realized that we have received the best gift of our lifetime from GOD? Our child – Yes… The best creation of God has been gifted to all of us in our lap with not much effort of ours own as compared to the immeasurable gift bestowed upon us by God. Why is it so then, we see so much of violence and suppression being subjected to our kids in every day’s life.

Each of our kids comes with some unique gift and capabilities in this world. No two kids are same in this world. They all have some unique knack or skill to show us or give to this very world. Why is it then we compare our children with almost every other child on this planet and derive either happiness or dissatisfaction depending on whether our child outperforms any other child on our own created benchmarks derived from societal conditionings and pressures? All of us want our children to succeed and excel in the class and get the 1st grade in all subjects. Is it really possible?

Most of today’s parents and high-achieving schools are putting too much of pressure on children to succeed. All these lead to tremendous pressure and anxieties among children and as a result of the same, they start developing various psychological problems e.g. feelings of guilt and inferiority if they did not continue to achieve. As per some research study, many young people from some selective independent schools reported feeling a failure if they did not get a place at a top university. Various researches also suggest that despite academic success many of the young people monitored graduated without a firm idea what career they wanted to follow. Many believed they would shift between careers during their lifetime.

Why should then we take them through this painful process only to discover that they have become liabilities to the environment and society later. Why not just help them to blossom the way they want to develop. Each child goes through a different mental maturities and development process. It is extremely important that child’s development takes place in the atmosphere of joy and happiness as that is where their mental faculties ‘development process happens naturally. Nature, unhindered and unexploited, keeps throwing beauty, uniqueness and freshness all around us. Then, why we have become so inept and insensitive to notice this and on the contrary, we are inflicting so much of damages to our children and offspring’s.

You would say that society needs to be blamed for this misadventure. Hold on! Is it true? Do we ask society for our activities or daily pursuit of happiness? We just go ahead and do this. Can we leave such an important activity to be influenced and guided solely by the society and conditioning? If we continue doing so, we may be producing future robots in human form and actually we may not need the mechanical robot. We would probably end up with a human chain strictly guided by command and authority if the same trend or education continues in the future.

The time has come to have an hard look at the upbringing of our children and instead of subjecting them to the monotonous and mundane grill of daily repetitive routines of algebra, chemistry and physics, we should teach them the simple joy of life such as joy of drinking a glass of water or just playing some silly games in the backyard of our home. We have forgotten our true nature when we ourselves ran around every corner of our home or covered every inch of the field without knowing what we wanted to do or achieve but still it gave us tremendous joy. We need to again create that same joy and happiness in our kids so that that joy pervades again our environment and fill our surroundings with peace and togetherness. Living that joy again with your children may be worth thousand times more than preparing your children to pursue an MBA from the best college in the world. Think over it. Your decisions wall help shape our children and planet’s future.